Dillingham, Alaska

Things to Do and Places to See

Welcome to Dillingham Alaska, nestled in the heart of Southwestern Alaska where the Wood and Nushagak Rivers meet at the northern end of Nushagak Bay. Our vibrant community embraces both the bustling commercial fishing industry and the adventure-seeking spirit of summer visitors drawn to Alaska’s premier sportfishing and wildlife experiences. Dillingham offers a full-service haven on the doorstep of the expansive Wood-Tikchik State Park, boasting some of the state’s finest sportfishing opportunities. Explore our rivers teeming with all five species of Pacific salmon, freshwater rainbow trout, Arctic char, and Dolly Varden. With lodging, dining options, fishing supply stores, and grocery stores, Dillingham Alaska warmly welcomes visitors to experience the beauty of “Nature’s Front Porch.” Whether it’s your first visit or an annual pilgrimage, our town invites you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Visitors should note that while GCI and ATT cell service is available, other providers may not offer coverage. Satellite telephones can be rented for reliable communication, though terrain may affect reception. Internet access may be limited, so plan accordingly.

Exploring the Dillingham Area:

Dillingham Alaska and its surrounding wilderness areas beckon outdoor enthusiasts with a paradise of remote landscapes, pristine lakes, tranquil rivers, and unparalleled wildlife encounters.

Wood-Tikchik State Park (pictured) sprawls across 1.6 million acres, featuring two expansive systems of interconnected clear-water lakes. Adventure seekers can immerse themselves in the untouched wilderness, whether kayaking, canoeing, or rafting. Accessible by air taxi from Dillingham or boat from Aleknagik, this untamed sanctuary promises unforgettable experiences.

Just 23 miles north of Dillingham lies the quaint village of Aleknagik, a gateway to Lake Aleknagik and Wood-Tikchik State Park. The Wood-Tikchik Park Ranger Station, provides information for explorers.

Dillinham is located at the mouth of the Nushagak River. The river banks are lined with spruce, birch, fireweed, and open tundra. It’s stunning, peaceful, and serene. You may see eagles soaring, moose foraging, an occasional bear sighting, and lots of fish. There are limited lodges, camps and anglers on the Nashagak.

The Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, southwest of Dillingham, lures visitors with its rugged beauty and abundant wildlife. Marvel at Round Island (pictured), home to the largest walrus haul-out grounds in Alaska, and witness the spectacle of thousands of walruses staking their claim.

Dillingham also serves as a hub for exploring Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, a pristine expanse spanning 4.7 million acres. Embark on float trips and sport fishing excursions in this haven for salmon and trout enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for brown bears, moose, and caribou amidst the refuge’s diverse ecosystems.

Back in town, for a glimpse into Dillingham’s rich history, visit the Sam Fox Museum, showcasing the region’s heritage and Alaska Native artwork. For a fun time, experience the lively Beaver Round Up Festival in late March, featuring a host of festivities celebrating our unique culture.

Visitors Enjoy:

  • Fishing and Hunting
  • River and Lake Floats
  • Kayaking, Canoeing, Boating
  • Camping and Beachcombing
  • Hiking and Nature Walks
  • Photography
  • Berry Picking
  • Aerial Sightseeing Tours
  • Cross-country Skiing and Ice Fishing

The nearby area also has:

  • 2 Restaurants and Food Trucks (seasonal)
  • 2 Grocery Stores (open 7 days a week)
  • 1 Liquor Store (closed Sundays)
  • Marijuana Store – Bristol Bay Bud Company (near the airport)
  • Wells Fargo Bank with ATM

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