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Explore the Dillingham area of southwest Alaska

Dillingham is located in Southwestern Alaska at the extreme northern end of Nushagak Bay, at the confluence of the Wood and Nushagak Rivers. It lies 360 miles Southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, which is a One hour, 15 minute trip by air. There are no roads leading to Dillingham. The town is considered a bush Alaska town, with approximately 2,500 year round residents. There are about 30 miles of paved roads and another 30 miles of gravel roads once you get here. The population is approximately 67% Native Alaskan. The slogan for this area is “Nature’s Front Porch.” Come and visit and enjoy an opportunity of a lifetime.  In September of 2015, the President of the United States, Barack Obama made a visit to Dillingham, Alaska as part of his Alaskan Visit to view Climate Change and to look at our Fishing, meet our Native Leaders, and others. We have many famous people arrive here each summer, to partake of our excellent Fishing and Hunting opportunities. The Dillingham area is enjoyed by a lot of people, from every walk of life, some come yearly, some this is their trip of a lifetime.  We welcome all visitors to our small town.

Visitors should know that only GCI cell service is available, so unless you are from Alaska, most likely your cell phone won’t work for phone calls here.  Satellite Telephones can be rented outside of Dillingham and brought in for your trip, keep in mind they don’t always work well, due to all our Trees, foliage and line of sight.

Internet can be limited or restricted, so once you are here, keep that in mind. We provide limited Internet access with your lodging, excess internet usage may be charged a fee.

We have Vehicle Rentals, mid-size cars, small suv’s,  and work trucks for construction type crews.   Business Travelers will find a rental vehicle the easiest way to get around.  Some summer tourists may prefer to rent a vehicle to get around.  Taxis are also available, taxis charge per person in Dillingham.

We do provide Airport Courtesy Shuttle service from the Dillingham (DLG) airport.

The airlines servicing Dillingham Airport year round are Pen Air, Ravn Air and to/from villages, Grant Air.  There are several air taxis to the villages as well.

Located at the Alaska Air / Pen Air Terminal is a Courtesy Phone, we are speed Dial #4.  Ravn Air terminal is next door to Pen Air, a quick, easy walk to the courtesy phone.

All of our lodging and vehicles are non-smoking.


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