2021 Dillingham Covid19 Update

February 12th, 2021 by Beaver Creek B&B

Travel permit still required to enter the City of Dillingham if you are not already within the Dillingham Census Area.

Travel permits  can be found on City of Dillingham’s website.  Please bring a paper copy of the form with you and have

available when you get off the plane at Dillingham Airport (DLG).  Your cell phone probably won’t work here, unless you

have a GCI cell phone, so you won’t be able to pull the form up on your phone.

Masks required.    Essential travelers must follow rules, like only going to work, no grocery stores or post office.

Take out food is available at restaurant,  Grocery Stores do grocery deliveries.  Liquor store has outside buy/pickup window.

Bristol Bay Bud Company, the marijuana retailer, limits 3 people at a time into their store.

So find out the rules, rules subject to change anytime.  We have had the vaccine given in Dillingham, those who

wanted the vaccine have been able to obtain the first vaccine with the 2nd vaccines being given to residents who

want it, in February.  So we are doing better than allot of the lower 48 States.

If you have any questions, call Sue at 907-843-0473 between 9am-9pm, Alaska Time.  Be Safe, we are looking

forward to a very good Summer Season, and lots of Good fishing and hunting….

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