2021 Covid-19 Update

January 25th, 2021 by Beaver Creek B&B

Travel to Dillingham continues to require a City of Dillingham Travel Permit.

Download one from the City of Dillingham’s website, and Print out a Paper Copy and

have it with you as you leave the airplane as you will be checked upon entering the Airport Terminal.

Essential workers can go to work, and then to their lodging and must stay there.

Restaurants, while More limited than ever, do take out, which can be called in.

Dillingham Liquor Store has a walkup outside window.  The marijuana store allows only

3 people in the Store at a time.  Masks must be worn everywhere.

Any questions, call Sue, 907-843-0473  9am-9pm, AlaskaTime.

Fishing and Hunting should be Very Very Good this Summer Season..

The vaccine arrived in Dillingham January, and most residents here, if they wanted it

will be vaccinated with the 2nd show in February, 2021.

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